Small Wind. Made Simple.

We make small wind energy simple. Simple to install. Simple to operate. Simple to maintain.

Our Small wind turbine is unique because it is:


The turbine presents a large rotor (4.4m) which converts more energy than any other 1kW wind turbine, and produces 4.000kWh of clean electricity per year.


The MuWind turbine is designed to be simple. Simple to transport (in a personal vehicle), simple to install (can be done by 1 person without crane), simple to operate and maintain.


The MuWind turbine is undergoing a validation according to the state of the art and will be homologated according to the most demanding norm for small wind turbines (IEC61400-2).


The MuWind turbine is fully recyclable. Instead of glass-fiber, we use natural fibers (e.g. Bamboo) to reduce the turbine footprint.

The MuWind turbine was designed is close contact with customers, industry experts, research labs and engineers. Here is what they have to say about the product.

“The MuWind turbine is perfect for our needs. It will enable us to produce more electricity locally. The fact that we can install and maintain it on our own is a big advantage!”

CEO of the NGO “HiChale!” (Kalba, Ghana)



Off-Grid Infrastructures

Weak-grid Regions


The MuWind turbine is perfect to complete an existing sustainable power generation setup composed of photovoltaic panels and batteries. The wind turbine produces electricity when the PV-panels don’t, so you can reduce the size of the batteries and PV-installation.




Per year



Here is the team behind the MuWind turbine.

Sébastien D.

Product R&D

Albert S.


Heinz T.


Aurélie C.


Here are the most common questions we receive.

Can I install the MuWind turbine on my roof / in my garden?

This is technically possible, but we recommend against it. The buildings, trees and other obstacles will likely produce turbulences which will reduce the power generation of the turbine.

When can you supply the first turbines?

We are currently in the validation stage of our development. We will supply hand-picked customers to receive the first turbines in Q1 2025. If you would like to stay in the loop, please, use the contact form.

Does the MuWind turbine make a lot of noise?

The turbine was designed according to the state of the art design practice. Its blade design was done in collaboration with a top European university. We are therefore confident that the turbine will be as silent as possible.

How do I decide if I should installe a photovoltaic system or a small wind turbine?

We advise our customers to always start with a photovoltaic installation. They are cheaper and easier to operate (no rotating part). Our small wind turbines are perfect to complete a PV-system for the winter, nights and/or to reduce the size of batteries.

Do I need a construction permit?

The turbine is available in various configurations to offer a construction-permit-free version. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist you.

Where will I be able to buy the MuWind turbine? and for how much?

The turbine will be available through regional resellers who will complete the installation. We expect the retail price in Europe to be around 15.000€.

Would you like to become a reseller? Please, get in touch with us.


We will inform about the progress of the development and start of production. If you would like to stay up to date, you can register to our mailing list and/or follow us on LinkedIn.